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Oaxaca Film Festival

October 6-13, 2017

Our screenplay, Nemesis, has been chosen as a Finalist in the 2017 Oaxaca Film festival!!


"I would rather work double shifts on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve and Day, and the Fourth of July if it meant I could have the week off of work to attend the Oaxaca Film Fest. Quite simply, it's what I look forward to the most each year. The films. The food. The people. The beautiful culture and city of Oaxaca. Even if they don't accept my script in 2017, I'll be back for Oaxaca Film Fest 8." 

Jonathan LaPoma (Screenwriter) 

After seven incredible seasons, here is what others are saying about Oaxaca FilmFest.

"Oaxaca FilmFest, simply the best Festival experience on the planet."


Spotlight Magazine

"Oaxaca FilmFest is a destination festival that every indie filmmaker must attend at least once!" 

Patricia Chica (Director/Producer/Writer)

"Oaxaca FilmFest is an event that cannot be missed. It's more than a film festival, honestly. It's a kind of life event." 

Kamal John Iskander (Screenwriter)

"One of the Top 50 Festivals in the world " 

-MovieMaker Magazine

Oaxaca FilmFest, experience it yourself. 

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TeaDance Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

October 12-14, 2017

Our screenplay has been chosen as a Finalist in the 2017 TeaDance Lesbian & Gay Film Festival! The date for the fest is Saturday, October 14th in Greenville, NC at Crave Bar & Restaurant at 409 Evans St, Greenville, NC 27858. Winner will be announced at the festival.


TeaDance showcases features, documentaries and short films from all over the world that are made by, about or of interest to the LGBTQ community.

For more info visit:

New York Genre Screenplay Competition

June 22, 2017

Our script, Nemesis has won overall 1st Place at the the New York Genre Screenplay Competition! In addition, it won the Best Horror/Thriller Award!!!

New York Genre Screenplay Festival's mission is to find and support the most creative screenwriters working on the most exciting projects. From blood-soaked horror to gut-busting comedy.

For more info:

Thriller/Suspense Festival

March 1, 2017

Nemesis is a feature screenplay winner in this quarterly season of Thriller/Suspense Festival. The monthly festival that showcases the best of Thriller/Suspense Genre Stories and Films from around the world.

For more info visit:

Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest

January 27, 2017

Our script, Nemesis, was chosen as a top ten finalist in the Breaking Walls Thriller screenplay competition! This means you are already part of the top ten scripts in this round.


Breaking Walls is the leading screenplay contest for writers in the thriller genre.

Their goal is to reward-undiscovered thriller writing talent on an ongoing basis. Their goal is to break down the walls between your talent and the industry pros looking for the next great thriller writer!

For more info visit:

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