Being that our bios cover everything about the cast and crew, we thought we'd take this opportunity to briefly explain how Nemesis came about and what we wanted to achieve. The concept of the film actually came from a small challenge presented to writer/director Carl Joglar by friend and fellow filmmaker, Sahna Foley. Frustrated by the difficulties of more complicated and logistically challenging projects, Ms. Foley suggested that Carl try writing a screenplay with no more than three characters set entirely in the woods. The result was the script for Nemesis. When initial feedback on the screenplay proved overwhelmingly positive, Carl asked producer Alex Armando Torres to enter the Nemesis script into several screenplay contests. After winning several first place awards and placing as a finalist in several more, it seemed a worthy project to take on. But Mr. Torres had already decided to set the wheels in motion and put everything on the line to produce a full-length feature of Nemesis
Both producer and director felt Nemesis would serve as a good example of how small scale storytelling could be profound and also wildly entertaining.
We all enjoy big budget films, but in an industry exploding with graphics and special effects, it's important once in a while to remember the simple power of story.


Log Line:

A car wreck allows a fugitive recovery agent's prisoner to escape into the woods where she's forced to pursue the killer, but when the other driver finds her in the wilderness, the hunt becomes complicated and the agent begins to suspect the woman's involvement was not by chance.

"And they say I'm  crazy."

-Noah Burnham 

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